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We specialise in writing and selling computer software that has particular application to Train, Railway and Industry Modelling ("TRIM") activities.

Our typical customer is retired, computer-savvy, and keen to create buildings for a model railway for himself (or his grandchildren). He is NOT keen to spend a lot of time cutting out card models, or gluing together plastic kits, or building plaster casts until he has worked out his design. Nor does he want to get his hands dirty or stuck together with glue before he has made his plans.
He wants to be efficient.         We can help.


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Typically, our software enables model builders to design their physical models in detail on their computer before starting gluing (see our 2D and 3D designs above). We publish videos on our YouTube channel - also called "London Web Software" - to help modellers.

If you do not want to use our software to design the buildings on computer yourself, we have a sister business which will do it for you in 2D or 3D. Please make sure to specify the scale that you are using - most of our software and resulting buildings are made in the scale range 1:76 to 1:87, suitable for HO, H0, OO railways and for wargames with similar scales.

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Some of the software that we create is given away free to encourage customers to take up the modelling hobby. As a result, generous customers give us donations - just click on the "Donations" tab above.

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